Literary Resources

Anna Reynolds Elementary School
Newington, Connecticut

Avon Middle School
Avon, Connecticut

East Farms School
Farmington, Connecticut

Elizabeth Green Elementary School
Newington, Connecticut

John Paterson Elementary School
Newington, Connecticut

Noah Wallace School
Farmington, Connecticut

Saint Francis Department of Pediatrics
Hartford, Connecticut

Tammy Shockley
Unionville, Connecticut

Union School School
Farmington, Connecticut

West District School
Farmington, Connecticut

West Woods Upper Elementary School
Farmington, Connecticut


ReBooK has
collected and distributed 39,884 books over the past eight years.

ReBooK was
created in 2000
and incorporated
as a non-profit organization in 2004.

ReBooK's largest book drive yielded 11,459 books and was hosted at West Woods Upper Elementary School
in Farmington, Connecticut during the 2002-2003
school year.

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